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Anonymous:Just noticed you've not been active for four months. Holy smokes that is a long time. Just hoping your still around and alive and that. Hope you're doing OK. Chances are you might not even read this :(

Yes, this blog has been inactive for quite some time. This blog takes a lot of dedication, time, and effort, and I don’t have that right now. I didn’t want to half-ass run omgyaoi, so I went on an indefinite hiatus.

Thank you for your message. I thank everyone that have sent me messages asking for my return. I don’t know when, but I will be back. :)


chaoskingdom:Omg yaoi.. pheeew. All this feelings you give me with your blog... thank you! Happy valentines day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! :)


Happy 2014!

May you face your challenges with confidence and courage
May your year be filled with luck and success
May this year bring you joy and happiness
Have a wonderful, happy new year!