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[SemiYaoi] Big Bang - Secret Garden (Parody) subbed [aarinfantasy]

CLICK ‘Open this content in a new window’ to watch the video. Or, copy the url and paste into your web bar.

You know what, although this video is NOT Japanese-based, I still deem this Big Bang (Korean boy band) parody of Secret Garden (Korean drama) pretty damn yaoi-ed. (At least some scenes are very yaoi-ed.)

When I first saw .gifs all over Tumblr, I was going laskjglisrgjksfjlkjj crazy on the inside. Then when I saw the entire parody, I felt like I died and came back or something. And now, practically a month after the subs come out, I share this wonderful video with you. (Damn you queue.) 

So. Just to let you know, they may look/act like females, but they are not. They are all males. All. males. Yes. Legit. Very legit.  

You may or may not enjoy this video as much as I did, but just check it out/give it a try. 

And enjoy~

JUST PS. I haven’t posted videos in a very long time. I miss posting videos; it just takes too much time. 

Sorry, it’s the censored version


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Sunday, March 27th, 2011

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